Getting Started with the Metaio SDK

Where Should I Start?


There are only a few steps required to your first augmented reality app. You can develop for iPhone, Android or use Unity.

  1. Download the Metaio SDK for free
  2. If you are new to mobile development, read the Getting Started guides below for you platform
  3. Read the Tutorials
  4. If you are ready to publish your app, change the application name or integrate the Metaio SDK into your application, you need to generate an application signature. Get the developer key now.

App Creation with the Metaio SDK

For each platform an example application is delivered which allows you to start right away. It is recommended that a new application is created by modifying the example rather than starting from scratch. Please click on the desired platform to read further instructions on getting started.

     Android                 IOS          Unity      Windows

What's Next?

Have a look at our Tutorials to see what's possible and how it's done. The supplied source files of the tutorials show a basic usage of the Metaio SDK. For more information have a look at the API documentation.