What is Junaio?

Junaio is the most advanced mobile augmented reality browser. It's a free, fast and easy way to enhance your world with Augmented Reality experiences based on well-known web technologies such as XML and HTML5.  Junaio is based on more than 10 years of research and development of Metaio core technology, offering Location Based services as well as Image and 3D tracking.
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junaio's API

junaio offers a free, web-based API that enables you to use your existing knowledge and skills in web languages to create exciting Augmented Reality experiences. junaio not only supports Location-based Augmented reality, but also image-based tracking, so you can focus on creating the best experience, while we worry about giving you the tools you need.

Creating Your junaio Channel

You can imagine a junaio Channel like a website or a TV channel. junaio acts as a distributions platform or a browser for your experiences. So it offers users all over the world a way to find your experience, which they can “tune in” to see.

A Channel can hold interesting information about a location (e.g. London City Guide) or a topic (e.g. restaurants and movie theaters). Also information about an object or image can be linked (e.g. additional media content for a magazine). From a developer’s perspective, the Channel is just a link to your server where the content is stored.

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POIs in your area
Allow filtering of Location Based information instantly
Details screen with additional links
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