Create desktop app with Metaio SDK


This tutorial describes how to export a scenario to an AREL package which will be used by a desktop AR app based on the Metaio SDK and Metaio Creator. 

  • The first step is to create a scenario as explained in "Create your first channel"
  • When you want to create a desktop app there is no need to upload your channel to the Metaio Cloud!

Step 1 - Export your app from the Metaio Creator

  • Go to Export in toolbar and click on Export an app
  • A pop up appears letting you decide which kind of app you want to create
  • For now select Desktop App and click Next

Step 2 - Save your desktop application to your computer

  • The file manager opens right away letting you define the destination to save your app
  • Select a folder and export the whole package (the App and the AREL package) to the folder
  • License information: Depending on the type of Metaio SDK license you have purchased and registered to your account your Desktop App will either run with watermark (no license), without watermark (Metaio SDK basic license, no 3D object or environment tracking) or without watermark for 3D object and environment tracking (Metaio SDK Pro license).
    If you purchase a Metaio SDK license you have to re-export your desktop application.

Step 3 - Run your desktop application

  • Open the folder where you saved your Desktop application to
  • Double click on AREL_Player.exe (Windows) or (Mac OS)
  • An application will start in full screen mode, activate the first webcam connected to your PC and load and play the exported scenario (as AREL package)
  • Point your webcam to the Trackable you have included into your channel (e.g. the iLoveAR sticker)
  • You can exit fullscreen mode by pressing ESC or toggle with F11
  • Note: You can copy and run the whole application on any other machine if you simply copy the whole folder