Create desktop app with Metaio SDK


This tutorial describes how to export a scenario to an AREL package which will be used by a desktop AR app based on the Metaio SDK and Metaio Creator. 


To finish the tutorial you should have prepared the following:

  • You should have created a scenario as explained in "Create your first AR scenario".
  • It is not necessary that you have uploaded your scenario to the Metaio Cloud, but you should have tested your scenario using the "Quick preview" function.

Step 1 - Export your app from the Metaio Creator

  • From the Export menu in the menu bar, choose Export an app. Alternatively, you can click the Export app button in the toolbar.
  • A dialog appears in which you can choose the desired export option.
  • Select Desktop App and click Next.

Step 2 - Save your desktop application to your computer

    • On the next page, you will be asked to select the license you want to use for your app. Select a license and click on Export.
    • Note: If you select a license option which is not registered for your account, the Export button will be disabled. If you have already purchased a license key for a Basic or Pro license, you can register it via the Add license button.
    • Note: If you already own a Pro license, this license will automatically be selected.
    • See the "Next steps" section at the bottom if you are not sure which license you purchase.
    • After clicking Export, you can specify a location where the exported project (the app and the AREL package) will be saved.

    Step 3 - Run your desktop application

    • Open the folder where you saved your Desktop application to.
    • Double-click on AREL_Player.exe (Windows) or (Mac OS)
    • An application will start in full screen mode, activate the first webcam connected to your PC and load and play the exported scenario (as AREL package).
    • Point your webcam to the Trackable you have included into your channel (e.g. the iLoveAR sticker).
    • You can exit fullscreen mode by pressing the escape key or toggle with F11
    • Note: You can copy and run the whole application on any other machine if you simply copy the whole folder.

    Next steps

    Remove watermark

    The exported application contains a Metaio watermark in the AR view if you have not yet purchased a Metaio SDK Basic or Pro license. If you would like to remove it you need to purchase the appropriate license option, activate the license and export the app again.

    Which license do you need to remove the watermark?

    • If your AR scenario only uses 2D image tracking, an SDK Basic license is sufficient.
    • If your AR scenario uses a tracking technology other than simple 2D image tracking (e.g., extended image tracking with SLAM, 3D object or environment tracking, etc.), you need an SDK Pro license.