Getting Started

The first steps

This section will give you a step-by-step introduction to the Metaio Creator (download it here).
You will get information about the installation process, what to do at the very first startup and a basic introduction of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). In addition you will learn about the benefits of a developer account, how to create one, and how to activate your Creator license.

Just click the short links on the left side to walk through the step-by-step introduction and/or have a look at the webinars below.

After having read the instructions in this section, you are prepared to begin with the tutorials. From creating your first Augmented Reality experience to more complex topics, you will get to know the major features of Creator.

Additional info and support

System requirements and installation
Read more about system requirements and the installation procedure for Windows and Mac OS X. 

Use Tutorials and Quickstarts to create your first own Augmented Reality experience,and learn how to use the Metaio Creator.

Advanced features

Find information about advanced features and functions of the Metaio Creator in the Advanced usage section.

Help and Support

Get answers to your questions from other users and AR experts on our Helpdesk, or get advanced technical support from Metaio support professionals.

Talk to us

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We offer webinars about Metaio products on a weekly basis. Find out more here.