Why Use the Metaio Creator?

No Programming Required

Easily create and update AR experiences without programming skills.

Multi-platform Support

Effortlessly create AR Apps for multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows PCs and Mac OS X.

Easily Import Content

Simply drag and drop 2-D images and 3-D graphical content into the AR experience.

Complete Tracking Solution

Complete AR tracking solution for 2-D images, 3-D objects & environments, SLAM instant tracking and continuous visual search (CVS).


The Metaio Creator is an easy to use Augmented Reality authoring tool that allows the creation and deployment of Augmented Reality scenarios based on the latest image tracking technology provided by Metaio.

Features - Metaio Creator

Metaio Creator offers a unique set of features along the entire creation workflow.

Features for AR creation:

  • Graphical User Interface including drag & drop for easy scenario creation
  • Content import for 2D, 3D, video and audio files including an automated file optimization, manual quality settings for in-page video and 3D model animation preview
  • Improvement of 3D content/3D models by adding shadows and self-shadowing/ambient occlusion (.fbx models only)
  • Tracking of 2D and 3D (3D map and CAD model based) trackables including an automatic quality estimation. Support for 3D object tracking with CAD models as BETA
  • Support for using Metaios Continuous Visual Search technology for using a large amount of trackables
  • Editing of 3D maps from Metaio Toolbox
  • Support for SLAM (from Creator 3.3 on) and 2D Instant Tracking to dynamically use any trackable at runtime
  • Support for Face Tracking (from Creator 3.5 on) as BETA
  • Support for Extended Image Tracking (from Creator 3.5 on)
  • AREL scripting per object for more complex scenarios
  • Workflow mode for creating basic AR workflows (e.g. maintenance and service workflows), starting from Creator 3.3 on
  • UI designer to create fixed to screen (menu) elements in your channel/app
  • 100mb free server space directly connected to your account for instant start
  • Alternatively it is possible to connect to your own FTP server
  • Offline preview mode to test your scenario on the PC/MAC directly

Supported deployment options:

  • Deploy as free Metaio Cloud Channel to be accessed with the free Junaio AR Browser App
  • Create your own Metaio Cloud App (iOS, Android)
  • Export to your own native App (iOS/Android/Windows) based on the Metaio SDK
  • Create a desktop application (Windows/Mac OS X) that “plays” the created AR Scenario
  • Export an AREL package, if you want to manually modify and extend your AR Scenario to later create your own native App with the Metaio SDK

More technical core features:

  • Latest image tracking technology including automatic quality estimation and optimization for augmenting magazines, images, photos, posters etc.
  • Latest object tracking technology using either:
  • a precise point cloud created by the Metaio Toolbox or
  • 3D CAD model (.obj) for tracking low-textured objects in difficult light situations (BETA)
  • Latest environment tracking technology using a point cloud created by the Metaio Toolbox with SLAM, Instant Tracking/SLAM or Extended Image Tracking
  • Full support of AREL and AREL scripting per object in Creator


  • Due to system memory limitations Metaio Creator is currently only able to support 200 trackables per Creator project.  For the same reason the CVS upload feature of Creator is currently limited to 200 trackables per channel.

Get started and download the Metaio Creator

Metaio Creator can be downloaded for free and runs in demo mode until you have purchased a license at the Metaio store. Please consider the system requirements and installation notes and follow the getting started guide.

After the purchase has been confirmed and a license number/activation code will be provided via the order confirmation email.

All information about the activation of your Creator license can be found here.

A product description including all license and pricing information can be found here.

If you have any questions, our sales team (info@metaio.com) will be happy to assist you!

Upgrading from Metaio Creator 1.X or 2.X

Creator 3.0 can be installed in parallel to your existing Creator 1.X or 2.X version. However it requires a new license activation code that you need to purchase at the Metaio store.

After the purchase has been confirmed and a license number/activation code will be provided via the order confirmation email for activation Creator 3.0. An existing Creator 1.X or 2.X activation will NOT work with Creator 3.0.

Loading your Creator 2.X project files however is possible. They will be converted automatically into a Creator 3.0 project. However once saved you can’t open/modify them any more with Creator 2.X.

Loading Creator 1.X files in Creator 3.0 is not supported.

Metaio Creator version 1.X

If you are using Metaio Creator in version 1, please refer to the Creator 1.X documentation.