The Metaio SDK offers a wide range of possibilities in content creation. The first step to experience the versatilities is to refer to our tutorial page and run the applications on your own mobile devices. These primitive and simple examples aim to introduce the users to the wonderful world of Augmented Reality. Subsequently, more complex AR scenarios can be created with ease using our newly released SDK.

In order to unleash the creativity of application developers, the Metaio SDK offers content creation in three major areas: image, movie and 3D animation.

With the help of Metaio SDK, developers can easily manipulate image geometries according to the requirement of the application. New apps is furbished by easily overlying customerized images onto a tracking target which can take the form of a marker-based or a markerless pattern.

It is also possible to apply movie textures to a tracking target. As simple as setting up image geometries, developers can create movie geometries and explore different configurations for movie playing with a few simple lines of coding. The Metaio SDK also offers developers tools to convert video files so that they can be played smoothly in an AR setting.

To achieve a full-blown AR experience, the Metaio SDK can be fully functional in conjunction with 3D modeling and animation software. 3D content can be either created using 3D animation software or used directly off-the-shelf. As long as it is in a format that Metaio SDK supports, the 3D content can be easily exported to AR applications.

Please follow the links below to discover the facilities Metaio SDK offers for content creation:

                  Image                   Movie                     3D

Metaio provides another way to create augmented reality scenarios for those who do not have developer skills. The Metaio Creator is your Augmented Reality tool of choice to create and publish AR scenarios and experiences within minutes. Connect your 3-D content, videos, audio, and webpages to any form of printed medium or 3-D map (object-based or environment-based). Publish your experience immediately to junaio, Metaio's free AR browser, or create your own Augmented Reality application. The Metaio Creator is easy to use and requires no development skills to get started!

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