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Metaio Suite

A complete AR-solution that combines our leading AR-products and cloud services into one convenient bundle

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Metaio Creator

Drag & Drop your way to AR scenarios ranging from simple to complex experiences

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Metaio SDK

Native AR app development for iOS, Android and Windows deployment

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Junaio is the most advanced mobile Augmented Reality browser

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Metaio AR Creator Plugin

The Metaio AR Creator Plugin brings the power of Augmented Reality to the world of Adobe® InDesign®

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Metaio Cloud

Integrate Augmented Reality technology into existing applications.                                   

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Metaio Toolbox

Create 3-D tracking maps of the environment and your surroundings

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FBX Mesh Converter*

Command-line tool for the Creator and SDK to convert FBX models.
*Metaio SDK 5.0+ required


Metaio POI Creator

The free Metaio POI Creator Excel Plugin allows you to create and manage location-based channels for the Junaio AR Browser App.

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